We are trying our best to correct and deliver the results of the exams as quickly as possible. However, it is only in exceptional cases, (e.g. a third try, a change of university or degree course, or an exchange semester at a partner university, etc.) that a "Schnellkorrektur" will be considered.

If such an exceptional case exists, then the student has to petition for a "Schnellkorrektur" in due time prior to the exam. This petition has to include the reason for such a "Schnellkorrektur."

Please note, though, that it is within the discretion of a professorship to accept or reject such a request. Anyone requesting a “Schnellkorrektur” without stating the reason will be ignored.

If the request is accepted, then the student must write the word “Schnellkorrektur” clearly on the cover sheet of the exam and submit the exam separately to the supervisors with a specific reference to a “Schnellkorrektur”.