The Bachelor Level module Professional Communication is designed to provide a solid foundation for understanding the principles of human communication in a work related context. That is why the first part of the module focuses on the general theory of human communication while the second part seeks to apply this theory to practice.

The Master Level modules focus on transmitting the theory and practical applications of general and intercultural communication. While the module Business Communication provides a theoretical background for general human communication, Intercultural Communication focuses specifically on how culture affects various aspects of human communication. And Cultural Studies of the USA presents a concrete example of how a specific business culture is determined by its national culture.

Scholarly Rhetoric complements the theoretical basis of the lectures in that this module applys the principles of communication to the writing of business and scientific documents. This module, thus, provides students with the opportunity of getting “hands-on” experience in applying theory to practice.


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Professional Communication 

Professional Communication

Scholarly Rhetoric



Business Communication

Intercultural Communication

Scholarly Rhetoric

Cultural Studies of the USA

Business and Intercultural
Communication Seminar

Organizational Communication

Please also check the specific Prüfungs- und Studienordnungen because older examination regulations might include older versions of the module descriptions. For the students enrolled according to an older examination regulation, the old rules are applicable and not the module descriptions above.