Writing your Thesis

Please follow the sequence listed below if you see yourself confronted with questions in the course of writing your thesis:

1. Check the “Abschlussarbeiten” OPAL course if a question similar to yours might be answered already.

2. If you cannot find an answer in OPAL, try to google your problem (esp. formal questions regarding APA).

3. If you did not find anything in the internet, please write an email to Prof. Hinner's assistant: doris [dot] geburekatbwl [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de 

4. If Prof. Hinner's assistants are not able to answer your question: Write an email to Prof. Hinner (for short and 'simple' questions) or sign in for his consultations hours in the OPAL course "Sprechstunde Prof. Hinner".

Please do not send your thesis or chapters via mail to Prof. Hinner. Please note, that he has neither the time to proofread your thesis in advance, nor would it be fair to other students who work more autonomously. If you have specific questions of course you may ask them. You may bring your chapters in during consultation hours, if you really think this is necessary, but please refrain from sending large documents via email with just the intention that he "should have a look whether it's ok that way".