Theses: Description of Procedure in four Steps


1. Applying for your Thesis

Please note that Prof. Hinner will leave the university at the end of the Winter semester 2021/22. If you want to write your thesis under his supervision please make sure to be registered with him and the university by LATEST October 2021.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the application procedure and steps required to complete a thesis under Professor Hinner's supervision.

  2. Decide on the topic of your thesis. Note that students should come up with their own topic (review recent thesis topics). The topic should be either
    - A communication topic
    - An intercultural communication topic,
    - If you are a business student, your work should focus on business aspects of communication

    Students are urged to first participate and to complete the module Scholarly Rhetoric or Business Communication and Intercultural Communication in order to learn how to write a scientific document.

  3. Write an email to Prof. Hinner with the following information:
    - Topic of your thesis
    - The grades you received on his exams and classes

    Please be aware, that there is a recommended average of a 2.5 "Good" standing or better to write your thesis with Prof. Hinner

  4. Professor Hinner will then decide whether the topic fits his field of research and if the grades qualify you for thesis supervision.

  5. Upon approval, schedule a consultation appointment with Professor Hinner on OPAL.

  6. Prepare a 4-5 pages research proposal explaining your intended thesis topic. Bring it with you to talk about your ideas with Prof. Hinner during consultation. Prof. Hinner will then decide if he is in a position to supervise your thesis or not.

  7. If so, you can officially register your thesis.

2. Registering your Thesis

  1. Please visit the examination office (Prüfungsamt) in the main administration building (Akademiestraße 6) and ask for the letter stating that you are allowed to start the thesis.

  2. Please contact our secretary Ms. Starke via e-mail and ask her for an appointment (in German).

  3. Metting with Ms. Starke in person as you have to sign documents. Please bring the following documents with you:
    - Bring your topic with you
    - Bring your letter of confirmation from examination office
    - You will have to sign 4 cover sheets

 Additional Information

  • Please find the time you have from registration to submission of your thesis in your respective Prüfungsordnung.

  • You may extend the time you have finish your thesis:

    If you are sick please hand in a medical certification at the examination office and your time will be extended by the time of your sickness stated on the certificate

    Or your can apply for extension to the examination committee. As you need the support of your supervisor for this, you should get Prof. Hinner’s approval in advance and have him write it on your letter to the chair of the examination committee.

  • Defense: The rules for defending your work are different for each field of study and each degree. Please check your respective “Prüfungsordnung” for the rules that apply to you.

Formatting Technicalities:

  • Line pitch 1.5
  • Margin left: 4cm
  • Top, right margin: 2.5cm
  • Bottom margin: 2cm
  • Times New Roman, font size 12 (or Arial, size 11)
  • For everything else, please follow the APA style guidelines (manuals are in the Semesterapparat in the Lesesaal of the library).

  • Number of pages: The number of pages for your work always depends on your topic. Please discuss your individual case with Prof. Hinner during consultation hours. As a guideline, we recommend:
    - Bachelor's thesis: 45-60 pages
    - Master's thesis: 80-120 pages

3. Writing your Thesis

Please follow the sequence listed below if you see yourself confronted with questions in the course of writing your thesis:

  1. Check the Abschlussarbeiten OPAL course if a question similar to yours might be answered already.

  2. If you cannot find an answer in OPAL, try to google your problem (esp. formal questions regarding APA)

  3. If you did not find anything in the internet, please write an email to Prof. Hinner's assistants.

  4. If Prof. Hinner's assistant are not able to answer your question: Write an email to Prof. Hinner (for short and simple questions) or sign in for his consultations hoursin the OPAL course Sprechstunde.

Additional Information

Please do not send your thesis or chapters via mail to Prof. Hinner. Please note, that he has neither the time to proofread your thesis in advance, nor would it be fair to other students who work more autonomously.

If you have specific questions of course you may ask them. You may bring your chapters in during consultation hours, if you really think this is necessary, but please refrain from sending large documents via email with just the intention that he "should have a look whether it's ok that way".


4. Defending your Thesis

We endeavor to evaluate the written theses within 8-10 weeks. Please note, though, that due to exam times, semester breaks, etc. the evaluation can possibly take a bit longer.

Defense Dates

  • January/February
  • April/May
  • June/July
  • October/November

The exact dates for the defense and who, thus, may defend their thesis, will be posted in OPAL as the respective month draws closer. Please contact us to by stating whether you will defend in the respective month or not as soon as the date has been published and you have found your matriculation number on the list.