Apply for supervision

The procedure for applying for supervision of a thesis is as follows:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the application procedure and steps required to complete a thesis under Professor Hinner’s supervision. General information can be found on the Communication Program’s main page, and more detailed information is found on the OPAL site “Abschlussarbeiten” 


  1. Decide on the topic of your thesis. Note that students should come up with their own thesis topic (review recent thesis topics). The topic should be either: 

    • a communication topic,

    • an intercultural communication topic, or

    • if you are a business student, your work should focus on business aspects of communication.

Students are urged to first participate and to complete the module Scholarly Rhetoric or Business Communication and Intercultural Communication seminar in order to learn how to write a scientific document. 

  1. Write an email to Prof. Hinner with the following information:

    • The topic of your thesis 

    • The grades you received on his exam and classes. 

      • grade average, the grade on the seminar paper (master level) or on the module Professional Communication (bachelor level) 

      • Recommended average of a 2.5 “Good” standing or better 

  1. Professor Hinner will then decide 1) whether the topic fits his fields of research and, 2) if the grades qualify you for thesis supervision.


  1. Upon approval, schedule a consultation appointment with Professor Hinner on OPAL. 


  1. Prepare a 4-5 pages research proposal (an exposé) explaining your intended thesis topic. Bring it with you to talk about your ideas with Prof. Hinner during consultations. Prof. Hinner will then decide if he is in a position to supervise your thesis or not. If so, you can officially register your thesis.


  1. Officially register your thesis