Intercultural Communication

Welcome to the Chair of Intercultural Communication.

"In Business, communication is everything."
Robert Kent, the former Dean of the Havard Business School

                  *** DISCLAIMER EXAMS WINTER SEMESTER 2020/21 ***

For up to date information on the situation, rules and regulations regarding the exams this wintersemester please see the page of the examinations board (Prüfungsausschuss).

Without communication, business would not be possible. That is why it is critically important to understand how communication influences the world of business. And in order to properly understand communication, one needs to know the interrelationship of culture and communication because in the words of Edward T. Hall, "culture is communication, and communication is culture."

The Program of Business and Intercultural Communication (BIC) examines the interrelation of culture and communication in a business context.  In addition to providing a theoretical foundation for the study of culture and communication, the program examines its practical application in the working world.

The website presents our courses and offers information on how to apply for the supervision of a bachelor's or master's thesis. Please feel free to browse through the website and contact us if you have any questions regarding the Program of Business and Intercultural Communication.   


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