Study Plan

The MBA Program IMRE is structured in four terms. All clusters with the exception of Cultural Studies are completed within one term. See the sequence of the clusters and its lectures.

IMRE Study Plan - Term 1
LectureLecturerHoursCredit Points
International Law IWolf23
Information ManagementFelden23
Cost Accounting/ContollingGrosse23
Project ManagementJacob23
Environmental Economics & ManagementBongaerts23
Scholarly RhethoricHinner23
GermanLanguage Center44
IMRE Study Plan - Term 2
LectureLecturerHoursCredit Points
Economic DevelopmentRübbelke23
International EconomicsRübbelke23
Investment & FinanceHorsch23
Operations ManagementHöck23
Human Resources & Organizational BehaviourNippa23
Sustaiability & Environmental Management & PolicyBongaerts/Gurita23
History of EnvironmentPohl23
Intercultural CommunicationHinner23
GermanLanguage Center44
IMRE Study Plan - Term 3
LectureLecturerHoursCredit Points
Corporate Ethics & OrganizationGrosse23
Strategic ManagementKausch23
Management of ResidualsBongaerts23
Environmental Risk AssessmentBongaerts23
Strategies of Environmental Technology CorporationsBongaerts23
Case Studies & SeminarBongaerts/Liu23
Electives 1 23
Electives 2 23
IMRE Study Plan - Term 4
LectureLecturerHoursCredit Points
Economics of ResourcesBongaerts23
Strategies of the International Resource IndustryBartz23
Environmental Impact StudiesBongaerts23
Electives 3 23
Electives 4 23
Master's Thesis incl. Colloquium  18