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  • Am I eligible with a "business background"?
    Still the focus of the program is the education of Engineers and Natural Scientists, but in exceptional cases it is possible to accept Bachlors with a different background now.
  • Does the program or university offer scholarships?
    Unfortunately due to financial restrictions neither the program itself, nor the university are capabale of granting scholarships.
  • How much are the living expenses in Freiberg?
    The usual monthly living expenditure amounts to 400 up to 600 Euro including accomodation, food, medical insurance, etc.
  • Can I submit my IELTS result instead of TOEFL, or give any other proof of my proficiency in English?
    Yes, TOEFL is no longer the only mean to prove your English proficiency, thus, you may also submit IELTS. Applicants from countries with English as the official language are exempted from submitting a test result.
  • Does this program offer Ph.D.-studies as well?
    No, the program itself does not offer Ph.D. Studies, but the university has a special Ph.D. Program since 2002.
  • When does the program start?
    The program starts annually on the 1st of October, the individual lectures begin on the second Monday in October.
  • What will be my job perspectives after graduation?
    As far as we experienced with our graduates so far, most of those found a job within a short period of time after graduation. Typically, IMRE-MBAs work as managers, experts, scientists, in national or international companies, research institutions, organizations etc.