Chinese Students

In order to satisfy the large numbers of visa applicants from China, the German Embassy established an Academic Examination Authority to prove the qualifications of the applications before the visa application. This certificate (APS) is obligatory for Chinese students as of the year 2003.

For Chinese students a new and faster procedure for visa application is available since July 2001. Prerequisite for participation in the faster visa application procedure is that you have your academic transcripts and other degree cerificates checked by the »Akademische Prüfstelle«, (The Academic Examination Authority) a newly established institution at the German Embassy in Bejing. You will also be given an interview of about 20 minutes duration during which your academic background will be tested. The language of the interview is English or German.

If you pass this interview you are given a certificate, valid for twelve months, which entitles you to participate in the priviledged visa application. This means that the waiting time for an appointment at the embassy will be reduced considerably and visa application is facilitated.

Fees for participating in the accelerated visa procedure are at present approximately 1700 RMB, which includes fees for the visum and the examination. For participating in the new visa procedure you have to apply at: The Academic Examination Authority.

The forms required for applying and additional information are available at the above mentioned address, the visa department of the embassy, the DAAD office and the Goethe-Institute. If you participate in the privileged visa application procedure please include your certificate received from the »Akademische Prüfstelle« with your application for the Master's program IMRE.

The Embassy offers thorough information on its website, both in German and in English.

The Academic Examination Authority
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