Module Manual and Study & Examinations Regulation

As of end of September 2007 the new regulations for IMRE are valid. The regulations were agreed upon by the Senate's Commission on Education and finally the Senate of the university, thus, it passed al necessary boards.

2010 the faculty 6 board decided on some amendments to the MBA IMRE Module Manual and Study & Examinations Regulations. The amendments are required mainly because of the entry into force of the new act on Higher Education in Saxony.

Please learn more on the valid regulations. Unfortunately, the regulations are only available in German language due to the impossibility  of translating legal terms from german to English and vice versa. We recommend to have a look at the handbook of clusters.

The handbook of clusters may be the most important document for students as it contains the most relevant information on the clusters (content of the lectures, basic literature, examinations etc.) - you may find this for download here (scroll down to "International Management of Resources and Environment / IMRE Masterstudiengang").