Exam Regulations

New IMRE Modulhandbuch and Study Regulations

The Studien- und Prüfungsordnung (Study and Examinations Regulation) and the Modulhandbuch (Modules Manual) has been amended. The following changes should be highlighted for the benefit of a better understanding:

  • The old module “Economic Theory” has been split in two modules entitled “Micro- Economics” (five credits) and “Macro-Economics” (four credits).
  • Students must obtain minimum fifteen credits from taking Free Elective Courses. The obligatory German Language courses now account for eight credits in total. The remaining seven credits can be obtained from taking any modules offered by TU Bergakademie Freiberg or through an Internship. The Internship now counts for seven credits.

(See Minutes of the IMRE Committee Meeting No. 30)


Passing a module

For modules with more than one partial examination and for which the overall grade is calculated as the average of the grades obtained for these partial examinations, a retry for a “fail” [“grade 5”] for such a partial examination is possible according to the IMRE study regulations.

Motivation: student with such a “fail” [“grade 5”] should be given the option to remove this “fail” [“grade 5”] from their record of transcript.

(See Minutes of the IMRE Committee Meeting No. 26)