The Concept

This international course of study offers a generalistic education, that is economically and engineering-scientifically orientated. It is intended to provide students with skills for solving general and specific problems in the field of resource management and environmental protection.


The design of the curriculum intends to offer a sound mixture of clusters dealing with general economics and business administration and more specialized topics of environmental & resource management. Additionally, students are imparted further competences such as sophisticated research abilities and the improvement of their German proficiency.

Special fields of activities might be

  • general management tasks in nationally and internationally acting company groups involved in resource management
  • managing of ecologically sustainable technological projects in the framework of reconnaissance and exploration of resources
  • developing and realizing complex projects in the field of environmental protection
  • expert tasks in banks, assurance companies and financing institutions


IMRE was accredited

In August 2012, IMRE and another MBA Programme "International Business in Development and Emerging Markets" at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg has been accredited by the ASIIN Accreditation Commission.