Types of Papers

The Journal welcomes the following types of contributions:

Short Papers

Short papers should not exceed 8 pages in length (including all text, figures and tables)and their major purpose is to raise awareness on a specific topic or problem for research.

Review Articles

Review articles address a specific issue and make an evaluation of the methods developed to tackle that issue. Basically, reviews provide a synthesis of research on a certain topic and are critic by nature.  Typically a review has a length of about 15 pages.

Methodology Articles

Methodology articles present a method (qualitative or quantitative) as a recommendation to address a specific issue subject to research. The length of a methodology article should not exceed 30 pages.

Case Studies

Case studies provide a systematic approach for the study of an event and should present in detail clear and updated data so that the reader gains a deep insight of the single event or case. The length of a case study may fluctuate between 15 and 30 pages.

Discussion Papers

Discussion papers typically present two stances or approaches tackling an issue of concern or argument. Discussion papers may vary in length but should not exceed 30 pages in length.