Issue 1 - 11/2006

Analysis of the Use of Geothermal Heating/Cooling Systems for Residences in the Region of Saxony (Germany) Applying the Quality Function Deployment Method (QFD)

by Luisa Zoque Lopez

Adoption of Management Systems by Companies According to International Standards – an Overview of the Empirical Literature and a Case Study on Automotive Suppliers in Saxony

by Jan C. Bongaerts, Lina Lau, Sandi Kusnadi and Yessiva

Carbon Sequestration through Afforestation and Reforestation in a Developing Country

by Lina Lau and Jan C. Bongaerts

Design of a Logo for a Geothermal Energy Supply Chain

by Durando Ndongsok, Rüdiger Grimm, Anja Geigenmüller and Jan C. Bongaerts