IMRE Journal


About the Journal

The IMRE Journal is a new internet based journal for interdisciplinary research on the management of resources and the environment. The focus is primarily but not exclusively on these issues as seen and handled from the business point of view. There is, however, no intention to narrow this focus down to specific sets of issues, such as a limitation to the resources industry or a predominance of environmental issues. Papers with an interest in the practical application of the issues studied will be given preferential treatment, provided they meet the academic standards.

The Journal was officially launched at the MBA IMRE Opening Ceremony on November 10th, 2006. A complete set of articles covering issues of geothermal energy, environmental management systems and carbon sequestration was published on November 21st. The IMRE Journal covers a broad range of issues relating with its main focus and message. You can find the thematic areas of the Journal in the section Call for Papers.

Contributions are welcomed for peer review before publication. Accepted contributions are released on a quarterly basis and can be downloaded in pdf. format. Reviews of the publication schedule in the future will lead to possible modifications. The IMRE Journal is exclusively published on the internet and readers are asked to register. You are invited to browse the website of the Journal and encouraged to submit your contribution for review. If you have some questions please do not hesitate to contact: imreatbwl [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de