2016: Alumni Seminar Freiberg - Hannover


International DAAD Alumni Seminar

Freiberg Conference on Renewable Energy

17 - 23 April  Freiberg

24 - 28 April Hannover




Without exaggeration, it can be stated that Germany’s “Energiewende” constitutes one of the largest challenges undertaken since the reunification of the Eastern and Western Territories in 1990. “Energiewende” does affect virtually every citizen and any industrial, commercial and non-profit organization as also any government and public institution.
Hence, students, scholars and professionals of any field of energy in Germany inevitably come in close contact with this development and they need to learn to understand, assess and evaluate the process and the impacts of “Energiewende”. As the world looks at Germa-ny’s “Energiewende”, studying energy in this country constitutes a prime opportunity for any German Alumni with a professional background and sincere interest in developing the re-newable energy sector in their countries of residence.

During the seminar, participants will learn about the current developments of the renewable  energy industry in Germany, research projects related with renewable energy of TU Bergakademie Freiberg with lectures and laboratory and pilot plant visits, attend to Alumni presentations about  their projects on renewable energy and meet with stakeholders in renewable energy. All participants must come from developing countries and have  a strong professional background in renewable energy, such as law, policies and climate change, power generation, transmission, distribution and storage, energy trade, energy consultancy; energy project development, research and development or education.
Please contact the IMRE Office for details about the Application Pack. Note that the deadline for submission of applications is set at 10 January 2016. The Conveners invite proposals for papers, important dates about submissions of abstracts, selection and acceptance can be found in the "Call for paper".