New Regulations 2007

The new regulations for the MBA Program IMRE entered into force after the decision of the university's Senate on June 26, 2007. On May 29, 2007 the Senate's Commission on Education already adopted the new regulations unanimously.

The New IMRE Structure

In summary, the new structure mainly keeps the old principles, but includes some new components:

  1. The number of clusters has increased from 4 big clusters (Economics & Law, Business Administration, Environmental & Resource Management, Interdisciplinary Studies) to 16 small clusters.
  2. The program now includes two kinds of electives: core electives and free electives. Core electives are to be taken from a list of recommended subjects. Free electives are to be chosen from the list of courses of the university, and, upon explicit permission by the IMRE Committee, from other universities as well.
  3. The attendance and completion of German courses are mandatory. The motivation is clear: IMRE students, spending two years in Germany, should be able to speak German. Learning German during the stay in Freiberg will top up your education with an additional benefit, and facilitate finding an internship in Germany. Moreover, you will be enabled to attend lectures of the university held in German language which can be recognized as free electives, and broaden your knowledge in special areas.
  4. Students with knowledge of German must attend another course with the same amount of credits. This can be a language course or an elective course. See item 2 above.
  5. The overall amount of hours spent for studying has been lowered due to the wishes of the students. This will either equip you with more time for concentrating on the mandatory part of the program or allow you to visit further lectures & seminars.

New regulation for the so-called third exam resit option

According to the old Saxon Act on Higher Education, the third chance to resit for an exam which a student failed two consecutive times (twice) was granted by the Examination Committee of the Study programme for which this student is registered. This decision by the Examination Committee was based upon its discretion to allow a student to resit for the third time by way of exception.

According to the Amended Saxon Act on Higher Education of 2009, every student has the right to receive a third chance. Hence, there is no rule of exception and every student can register with Prüfungsamt without prior decision by the IMRE Examination Committee. There is no more need to ask the IMRE Committee to make a decision. The logical consequence of this new regulation is obvious: the way in which the examination of the third chance is organized, is exactly the same as the ways in which the examinations of the first and second chances are organized. If, for example the examination takes place in the form a of a written exam during which the student has to answer questions, the examination of the third chance will also be organized as a written exam in the same way.

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