Management of Residuals

Assignment for the Winter Term

Prepare a paper or a (self-explaining) presentation about "Waste management in . "

in . = Country X, City Y, industry Z .

Please pay attention to:

  1. The legal background relatingto the waste and its treatment you are dealing with
  2. The origins of the waste (generators, processes, ...)
  3. The logistics of collection, pre-treatmentand recovery of final disposal
  4. Any statistical data ifavailable
  5. Technology related details ofwaste treatment
  6. The organisation or the waste treatmentchain (regulators, actors, stakeholders, etc)
  7. The economics of the waste treatmentchain
  8. An assessement of the wastetreatment chain (positive and negatice aspects)
  9. Any remarks about potentialsfor improvement
  10. References