Exam Registration

All students are obliged to register for the examinations in each term. In order to meet this requirement, you have to use the self service terminal on the university's website.

  1. Enter your username and password
  2. Click the second word on the left: Prüfungsverwaltung
  3. Click on Prüfungsanmeldung und Prüfungsabmeldung
  4. Check the Ich bestätige die obenstehende Erklärung box
    and click on Weiter
  5. Click on Master mit vorh. Abschlpr. Int. Managm. Of Resourc. 2007
  6. Click on Hauptstudium respectively Vertiefungsphase
  7. Search in the different categories for your exam

Example for Economic Theory:

  1. Click on 1000 Pflichtmodule
  2. Click on 1100 Economic Theory
  3. Click on Prüfung anmelden
  4. Click on Ja

You can also watch this little movie for more information (in German): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBKdQyUjqlo

In case of problems contact the students office
(Room EG.11, Akademiestr. 6. Tel.: +49 (0)3731 / 39-2548).