Register for the Thesis


  • Pay a visit to the exmination office in the main building, and ask for the letter stating that you are allowed to start the master's thesis.

  • With this letter you should go to your supervisor's office and ask him to print out the cover sheet of the thesis which contains your name, your matriculation number, the title of your thesis, the date of handing over and the date of submission. It is signed by your supervisor (and the second one as well), and by Prof. Fröhling as the chairman of the examination committee of IMRE.

  • There are three copies of this sheet: one for you to be included in the master's thesis copy for the examination office, one for the examination office and one for the IMRE Committee.
  • You will have to submit two printout copies of your thesis and one digital copy via CD (or USB etc.) at the examination office before or on the date of submission

  • The period of working in the thesis is four months after the day of offical registration with the examination office. The period may be once extended upon application to the examination committee a minimum of two weeks before the original deadline of submission.