List of Selected Theses

Examples of Good Master's Theses

Here you will find good master's theses elaborated by IMRE students. So far not all of them are ready for a download, but available at the IMRE Office for lending.

List of Master's Theses
Mark Brislin

Comparative analysis of planned or implemented monitoring programmes for animal species and populations for nature conservation purposes in different European countries with special respect to the German approach (GerMASP)

Leonardo da Silva

Life cycle assessment and its use in BASF: integrating economic, environmental and social concerns

Gerardo Garcia Estrada

Green Entrepreneurs: an empirical study of their attitudes and their influence on the creation of sustainable products within the food sector

Samuel Famiyeh

Environmental Management Systems as an Effective Business Strategy

S. Haris Rehman Gilani

Economic Growth and Sustainable Development – A Case Study of Pakistan

Davuid Hornidge

Financing a Solar Tower Project

Denys Kovalenko

Role of Nuclear Energy in Future Energy Supplies

Felicia Elena Kurniadi

Key factors influencing the competitiveness of wind energy in the electricity market

Karen Murillo

Multifunctionality of Dams

Winnnie Nabakooza

Climate Change: The Role of Tropical Forestry in Carbon Sequestration: A Case Study of Uganda

Cyril Ohene-Amadi

Driving Inflation Expectations From Index Linked Bonds: Evidence From UK Government Bonds

Rahmaniah Nurulseto Wardhani

Capital Budgeting in PT, Perusahaan Gas Negara (Persero), Tbk, Indonesia

Zhang Yanling

Comprehensive GHG Emission Reduction

Lu Zhenghao

E-Learning and Corporate Training

Jianxin Zhu

Cultural Difference Between China and Other Countries