Important Information

Important information about the IMRE Master's Thesis Colloquium

Taking the new IMRE Study Regulations into account, the Master's Thesis must be presented in a Colloquium. IMRE Students are requested to accomplish the following tasks:

  1. Send a five to seven lines Summary Text containing a short description of the subject of investigation and the main results to the MBA IMRE Study Programme Co-ordinator immediately after submission of the thesis.
  2. Register a request for organizing the Colloquium to the IMRE Programme Co-ordinator at least two weeks before the intended date.
  3. Make sure that the supervisors have the ability to attend the Colloquium.

The IMRE Program Co-ordinator will officially announce the Colloquium as a public event which is open to all members of TU Bergakademie Freiberg and their guests. The Summary Text will be featured on the invitation.

The MBA IMRE Study Regulations contain a few specifications about the Colloquium which are worth being mentioned.

  1. The IMRE Student is only admitted to the Colloquium if the grade for his written report (the "thesis") is 4.0 or better. This grade is computed as the average of the grades given by both supervisors. If one of these supervisors awards a "five", a third examiner has to be found in order to give a grade. Note that a "thesis" handed in after the date of submission - as marked on the registration form - is graded with a "five".
  2. The student has the right to view the written referee statements of his supervisors at the latest the day before the day of the Colloquium.
  3. The presentation of the Colloquium lasts twenty minutes and the consecutive discussion should not exceed a time period of thirty minutes.
  4. The Colloquium is graded by the supervisors similarly to the way in which they grade the written report (the "thesis").
  5. The overall grade is computed as a weighted average of the grade of the written report with a relative weighing of 3 and the grade of the Colloquium with a relative weighing of 1. In mathematical terms: g = .75 * gw + 0.25 * gc with .g = overall grade, .gw = grade of the written report, .gc = grade of the colloquium.