Absentee Authors

In principle, IMRE students working on their Master's Thesis do not have to be in residence in Freiberg. We call them absentee authors. Since we have had a number of problems with such absentee authors who did not care for the formal procedures, we made a decision that we no longer give assistance to such absentee authors in order to rescue them from the calamities for which they are themselves responsible.

Hence, I issue the following warning:

IMRE absentee authors are themselves responsible for knowing and meeting the administrative requirements of the Examinations Office related to the submission of their Master's Thesis. This implies the following:

The thesis must be registered officially with the Examinations Office. A specific form is required which needs to be signed by the First Supervisor and the IMRE Programme Director. The form contains the title of the Thesis as it appears in the final version. From this day of registration, the ultimate date of submission is exactly three months later. No corrections nor additions to the thesis are allowed after submission. Requests for prolongations of the deadline, explaining reasons and motivations, must be done in writing through the IMRE Office two weeks before the deadline of submission.

The final version of the thesis must be submitted as a set of bound copies according to the exact procedure of the Examinations Office. The IMRE Office can assist with information about the procedure but it will not assist the absentee authors in carrying out the procedure. Practically, absentee authors may need someone in place in Freiberg to handle the submission. If the submission is not completed on the deadline date, the thesis is automatically graded with a FIVE. This information is contained in the transcript of records.