2012 Conference Mexico

"Renewable Energy and sustainability challendes as well as their opportunities in developing countries"

September 24th-28th 2012


From September 24 to 28, the MBA IMRE Alumni Conference and meeting took place in Oaxaca, Mexico. Many thanks go to Augusto Mosqueda, Jose Andres Peña Gonzalez and Dario Ochoa for the excellent preparation and the professional organization of this event. In co-operation with the Universidad Técnologica de los Valles Centrales de Oaxaca, the IMRE alumni event was integrated into the Second International Forum on Renewable Energy of this University under the title of  RENEWABLE ENERGY AND SUSTAINABILITY CHALLENGES AS WELL AS THEIR OPPORTUNI-OPPORTUNITIES IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES. Head of the Mexican DAAD Office, Mr. Dr. Syvester, many important persons from the Federal Government, the State of Oaxaca, including the Governor in person, from Political Life, Academia and the Renewable Energy Sector attended.

The presentations are now available for downloading:

Pictures of the conference