2009 Workshop in Accra

Oil finding in Ghana: Issues for sustainable management and networking activities through the DAAD Alumni Porta

At the special request of DAAD, on 5 and 6 November, IMRE organized a workshop in Accra for Alumni of German Universities on the occasion of the launching of the German ALUMNI Portal of DAAD. This workshop was dealing with Oil finds in Ghana and the economic and social consequences. Papers were given by various scholars and by representatives of industry about the future development of this new industry. Several papers were also given by IMRE ALUMNI. On the same occasion, a visit at KNUST took place and several meetings with top management of the university and with the School of Business could be arranged. It is the intention of both parties, KNUST and TU Bergakademie, to start up the IMRE programme in the first term of 2010 at Kumasi.

The presentations are now available for downloading. See below:

The Alumni Workshop was recognized by the media in Ghana. See an advert in the biggest online news GhanaWeb: