2008 Expert Seminar

In the framework of TEN YEARS IMRE, the inauguration of the 10th generation of IMRE was celebrated with an Expert Seminar & Short Course on "Recent Developments in Carbon Asset Management" from November 3 to 7, 2008.

Assisted by financial support of DAAD some 20 Alumni of the program came back to Freiberg to take part in an Expert Seminar dedicated to the theme of Carbon Asset Management (CAM) which is day-to-day work for many of the Alumni. Some of them took the occasion to report from their professional work experiences in that sector, and gave interesting insights into this important issue with respect to the climate change.

The intention of the meeting was surely not only further education of the participants and the exchange of experiences, but also to strengthen the IMRE Alumni Network and its main subdivisions in Southest Asia and Africa (mainly Ghana).

Carbon Asset Management is one of the activities fighting the climate change and currently a big issue. The global complexion of the climate change has led to a remarkable international cooperation including the setting of targets over periods of several decades. One may expect that not only energy intensive industries will have to pay their contribution, but that all areas of life will have to be integrated into the efforts of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The Expert Seminar aims to depict tasks and problems from various areas that still exist as well as solutions that are already available. The areas selected for the seminar were:

  • CAM in energy intensive industry
  • CAM and forestry
  • CAM and biomass based energy sources
  • CAM and construction

The event was closed with a short course on CAM and financial markets in which both theoretical aspects (such as mathematical modelling) and practical perspectives (such as the development of CDM) were dealt with.

IMRE Alumni Participants

Charbel Abi DaherLebanonIMRE 2003
Richard BonsiGhana (currently in USA)IMRE 2002
Kira BoubnovaRussiaIMRE 2001
Leonardo da SilvaBrasiliaIMRE 2005
Wenhai CaoChinaIMRE 99
Aleksandra DimovaMacedoniaIMRE 2005
Jonathan GadorGhanaIMRE 2000
Zou GuozhongChinaIMRE 99
Kwabena Asare Gyasi-DukuGhanaIMRE 2006
Tarik Abdel Hafiz WahabSudanIMRE 2000
Edmund HassanGhanaIMRE 2002
Alan McDonnellIrelandIMRE 2004
Rodrigo MurilloCosta RicaGuest
Alin PratidinaIndonesiaIMRE 2005
Li RuiqiChinaIMRE 2004
Felipe ToroColombiaIMRE 2001
Ming WangChinaIMRE 2000
Zhang YanlingChinaIMRE 99
Kenneth YeboahGhanaIMRE 2001
Weijia YuChinaIMRE 99
Xubiao ZhangChinaIMRE 2000