Alumni Conferences

2006 – „Environment & Corporate Social Responsibility“ in Hong Kong, China

2007 – „Sustainability Management in Industrial and Commercial Sectors“ in Bangkok, Thailand

2008 – „Recent Developments in Carbon Asset Management – Ten Years IMRE” in Freiberg, Germany

2009 – „Sustainable Management and Exploitation of Africa's Resources and Environment” in Kumasi, Ghana

2010 – „Oil Finds in Ghana: Issues for Sustainable Management and Networking Activities through the DAAD Alumni Portal”, Accra, Ghana,

2010 – „Environmental Disasters of Oil & Gas Exploitation: Lessons from the Gulf of Mexico” in Kumasi, Ghana

2011 – „Renewable Energy: Chances and Challenges for SME’s” in Bangkok, Thailand

2011 – „Setting the Pace for Renewable Energy Technologies in Developing and Emerging Markets with Case Studies on Renewable Energy Technology Transfers” in Bandung, Indonesian

2012 – „Renewable energy sustainability challenges as well as their opportunities for developing countries” in Oaxaca, Mexico

2014 – „IMRE 15 Years Celebration – Sustainability in Business Organizations” Freiberg, Germany

2015 – „ A framework for green technologies for China “, Beijing, China

2016 – „Germany’s Energiewende for German Alumni”, Freiberg, Germany