Important Guidelines

Important Dates

  • 20. August 2014            Notification of acceptance
  • 20. September 2014      Submission of paper
  • 30. September 2014      Submission of poster
  • 01. October 2014          Submission of presentation
  • 22. - 26. October 2014  IMRE 15 Years Celebration Freiberg, 2014

 "Call for Papers"


Information for Paper Publishing

The papers MUST precisely be 4 pages. The requirements for the submission of papers include issues on format, citation and organization of the paper, and can be found at IMRE Journal.

Deadline for submission of paper is 01.September 2014 at the latest. Early submission is strongly encouraged.

Information for Poster

The posters will be printed in Freiberg. Each poster will be in the size of A0 (841 × 1189). Deadline for submission of poster is 15. September 2014.

Information for Speaker

The official conference language is English. Duration of presentation is 20 minutes. Deadline for submission of presentations is 15.October 2014.

For more information, please contact us: imre15yearsatyahoo [dot] de