Scenario Planning and Executive Dialogues

- Dieses Modul wird weiter durch Dr. Gillo und Prof. Brezinski und Prof. Stephan organisiert. Die Materialien zu den jährlichen Veranstaltungen dieses Moduls werden zu gegebener Zeit aktualisiert - 

Materialien zur Veranstaltung

Qualifikationsziele / Kompetenzen

The students will understand the scenario planning method and learn to apply that method two various political, economic and social issues and to discuss this managers and politicians.


Scenario planning is a method for determining possible futures for objects with high uncertainties. Scenarios are defined as hypothetical views of the future. It is aimed to recognize and support developments and prevent negative ones as much as possible. This method will be applied to different topics such as Europe 2030 or Freiberg 2030. Managers, politicians and scientists are invited to comment as experts on these scenarios.


1 semester (4 SWS in two weekend seminars and guest lectures) 


6 points - Grade is given on the basis of presentations and active work.


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