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This is the registration form for your intended application for our international Master's program "Mechanical and Process Engineering".

In order to register for application, first fill out the following form. After completing your registration, you will be redirected to a confirmation page.

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Registration for 2020 intake starts 1-st January 2020

Please consider the study regulations of the Master programme.

Registration deadline: 15.03.2020

Personal Data

Please fill in your personal information exactly as contained in your passport.

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Educational Background

This regards the latest and/or highest degree specific to the Master's programme. Please note that only completely finished Bachelor's or equivalent degrees will be considered in the application process.

Overall Grade of the Latest Degree

Grading varies from country to country. To make sure that your grade is weighted in the right manner, we ask you to explain the grading scheme of your university. Below you find some examples.

Grading Scheme Examples

Example 1:
Letter grade Percentage Equivalent
S 95 - 100 %
A 85 - 94 %
B 75 - 84 %
Pass score at least: 40%

Example 2:
Letter grade Numerical Value
S 4,0
A- 3,7
B+ 3,3
B 3,0
Pass score at least: D / 1,3

Example 3:
Mark / Grade Percentage Equivalent
excellent 90 - 100 %
very good 80 - 89 %
fair 70 - 79 %
Pass score at least: 60 %

Completed Coursework

To have an idea of your background in engineering, we need some information on coursework you have already completed and which will be relevant to the study programme. Please explain the grading system as you did with the GPA.

Fluid Mechanics
Engineering Mechanics
Construction / Design
English Proficiency

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German Proficiency

If you already passed a German language exam, give the reference level according to the Common European Framework.

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