Zeiss Xradia 510 Versa 3D X-ray Microscope (XRM)


Theory, principle of measurement, image processing and analysis of XRM

Regulations for users

Nutzerordnung (available in german only)


x-ray source 30 – 160 kV (10W maximum)

Objectives / Resolution:

Objective (lens)Macro (0.4X)4X20X40X
Spatial Resolution20 µm1.9 µm0.9 µm0.7 µm
Maximum 3D-FOV50 mm6.5 mm1.3 mm0.7 mm
Wide Field Mode, Maximum 3D FOV90 mm---
Recommended Maximum Solid Sample Thickness100 mm50mm10 mm5 mm


  • Scout-and-Scan Control System / XMReconstructor / XM3DViewer
  • ORS Visual SI Package (advanced 3D analysis software)
  • VG Studio Max 3.1 + Add On Module Oil & Gas 

Special equipment

  • Flow cell interface kit
  • Deben CT5000 In-Situ Tensile/Compression Stage

More information at Zeiss web site: zeiss.com/microscopy/int/products/x-ray-microscopy/zeiss-xradia-510-versa.html

Research activities

  • fracture of rocks and crack propagation
  • mineral liberation
  • filtration mechanisms
  • filter cake structures
  • structure of synthesized functional particles


Greisen-type ore

greisen-type ore

How to use: Download the animated 3d-PDF. Open in Adobe Acrobat Reader and activate the 3d functions. Note: The file will not work within a browser.


Hydrothermal Fluid Discharge, Panarea (Italy)

Surprise egg