Transport Phenomena Using CFD

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Prof. Dr. Ray


Dipl.-Ing. Werzner


Thermodynamics: first law, second law
Fluid Mechanics: Lagrangian and Eulerian coordinates, Reynolds transport theorem, continuity equation, momentum equation, mechanical energy balance equation
Heat Transfer: energy equation, role of second law of thermodynamics, one dimensional fin problems – analytical and numerical solutions, introduction to finite volume method, solution of tri-diagonal systems, transient one-dimensional problems (analytical and numerical solutions), conduction in semi-infinite medium (numerical), two dimensional heat conduction (numerical), forced and natural convection boundary layers, forced convection through ducts (analytical and numerical solutions), external flows, flows through periodic structures, thermal hydraulic performance optimisation
Computational Fluid Dynamics: solution of 2D problems – streamfunction-vorticity formulation, primitive variable approach – introduction to staggered grid, SIMPLE, SIMPLER and SIMPLEC algorithms, discretisation of diffusion terms, discretisation of convection terms, dealing with transient terms, artificial or false diffusion, introduction to non-staggered grid, extension for 3-dimensional problems