Competence and Expertise

Conversion of Resources / Renewable material

Production and characterization of adsorbents from fossil and renewable materials
Extraction or resources / natural material Solid-Liquid or Solid-Compressed Gas

Treatment of aqueous process streams

Membrane separation technologies / Acid mine drainage  / Strategic elements recovery / Pollutant degradation using AOP’s / Sustainable material recovery / Process development

Food Technology

Separation of nutritionally valuable components from brewery residues using membrane filtration / Development of microbial fuel cells for the treatment of brewery wastewater

Hybrid membrane processes

Forward osmosis for seawater desalination and pollutant removal / Membrane distillation for raw material recovery
Recycling of compressed gas phase by membrane separation with ceramic membranes (e.g. CO2, hydrothermal phase)

Non-classical pyrolysis

Scrap tire thermolysis by induction, treatment of thermolysis gas and oil / Biochar generation by inductive pyrolysis

Non-invasive determination of properties

Composition / Concentration / Temperature / Phase Equilibria / Solubility / Masstransport / Heattransport / Multi-phase / Reacting- and non-reacting systems / high T and p

High pressure process technology

Phase Equilibria / Extraction / Spray / Jets / Mixing / Separation / Variable Volume View cells

Process Analysis

Development of stationary and dynamic models and simulations for thermal separation processes
Non-Invasice analysis of processes