ITUN @ ProcessNet conference of DECHEMA in Aachen

In the framework of this year's ProcessNet Annual Meeting of DECHEMA in Aachen ITUN participates with three presentations on ongoing research.

Emile Ojong presented new research results regarding the construction, the modeling and the electrochemical characterization of a bioelectrical reactor for the treatment of brewery wastewater in his talk on the topic "Development of a single chamber air-breathing cathode microbial fuel cell for the treatment of brewery wastewater".

Katja Schaldach participated at the poster presentation on the topic „Einfluss verschiedener Aktivierungsschritte auf die Eigenschaften von Formaktivkohlen aus Agrarreststoffen“ which deals with different activation steps, e.g. with KOH or water vapour, for an improved specific surface area of formed biochar.

In cooperation with the TVT from the TU Hamburg Harburg a poster entiteled "In situ Raman spectroscopy as base for the development of process models" was presented by Pavel Gurikov and Andreas Braeuer.