ITUN @ „Nacht der Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft 2022“

The working groups “Environmental Engineering” and “Process Engineering of Resources” at the Institute of Thermal-, Environmental- and Resources' Process Engineering – ITUN were part of this year’s „Nacht der Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft 2022“ (June 18th). Members of the institute ...

... presented selected research topics closely related to sustainability in front of the castle in Freiberg’s inner city:

Stand of the institute ITUN at "Nacht der Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft 2022"The beneficial material usage of agricultural residues was shown exemplified by the hemp plant material, which is often left over during oil gaining from hemp seeds. By the slogan “Added value from hemp plant” results from the ongoing project HAsys were presented. Focusing on new processing routines without neglecting plant material, fiberboards as construction material and granules as insulation material were shown. Besides, the transformation of agglomerated biomass pellets by pyrolysis into shaped (activated) carbon was illustrated aiming on cleaning waste water and gas streams, for instance. This approach can contribute to lower the consumption of fossil resources, e.g. by reducing oil-based binding agents for fiberboards and fossil input material like coal for activated carbon. In consequence, this approach cut lower the impact factor of emissions on our environment to get one step closer to a bio-based circular economy.

In addition, visitors were able to experience the application of membrane separation techniques on a multi-stage see-through demonstration unit. Using unfiltered apple juice as an example, a ceramic microfiltration membrane was applied in the first stage to retain the particulate feed components. The now clear apple juice was treated in a second stage, equipped with a dense nanofiltration membrane cutting off at monovalent ions to clear and tasteless water. To depict the filtering effect of membranes by daily live experience, several simple experiments were set-up for joining in. The diverse separation mechanisms of membranes can be applied to a wide range of processes, including the purification of process and wastewater or the selective recovery of rare elements from bioleaching solutions.

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