ITUN @ EMSF 2019

ITUN presented four contributions (2 oral and 3 poster presentations) at the 17th European meeting on supercritical fluids (EMSF) in Ciudad Real, Spain.

The 17th EMSF took place in Ciudad-Real, Spain, from 8th-11th April, 2019, with overall more than 250 participants. Four ITUN doctoral researchers presented three poster presentations and two oral presentations entitled:


  • Analysis of hydrate formation from CO2/CH4 mixtures via in situ Raman spectroscopy
  •  Comparison of different Raman measurement techniques for in situ measurement of mixture composition inside Bio-Gels
  • Raman analysis of drug particle formation from compressed quaternary systems
  • Raman Spectroscopic Study of the Effect of Aqueous Salt Solutions on the Formation Kinetics of Carbon Dioxide Gas Hydrates
  • A microcapillary setup for the determination of phase equilibria via Raman Spectroscopy