ITUN @ CHISA 2018 in Prague

During this year’s CHISA 2018 („23nd International Congress of Chemical and Process Engineering“) in Prague Dr. Volker Herdegen and André Rieger contributed two presentations on ongoing research at ITUN.

André Rieger, with his presentation „Flowsheet modeling of thermal separation for products of (hydro-) chlorination of silicon-germanium alloys generated from scrap optical glass fibre“, presented results of a modeling and simulation study on the design of an energy efficient separation sequence for two different paths for recycling of glass fibre scraps investigated by fellow researchers Volker Recksiek and Prof. Dr. Christiane Scharf at the Helmholtz Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology HZDR.

Dr. Volker Herdegen presented research regarding the extractability of natural waxes by means of supercritical fluids in his talks entitled “Purification of natural waxes by means of supercritical carbon dioxide”.