ITUN @ 18. Holztechnologische Kolloquium in Dresden

On April 12th and 13th, the “18. Holztechnologische Kolloquium” took place in Dresden. Scope of this symposium is the value chain “forestry – wood – paper” as well as the material use of alternative and renewable raw materials and residues, e.g. from agriculture.

 K. Schaldach and Dr. H.-W. Schröder in front of the contributed poster

Katja Schaldach M.Sc., Dr. Volker Herdegen and Dr. Hans-Werner Schröder (see picture) contributed a poster “Einfluss der Biomassezusammensetzung auf die Herstellung von Formaktivkohlen aus Agrar-Reststoffen [Impact of the biomass composition on the production of formed activated carbons from agricultural by-products]” and a related article in the conference proceedings (“Tagungsband des 18. Holztechnologischen Kolloquiums: Dresden 12.-13. April 2018”, S. 218 - 226, ISBN 978-3-86780-558-2). Background is the value added, material use of agricultural by-products in a German-Vietnamese cooperation project, which is funded by the BMBF (German Federal Ministry of Education and Research). The contribution addresses the production of formed activated carbons, e.g. from bagasse and rice straw, whereas adsorbent materials comparable with conventional products have been achieved.

Prof. Dr. habil. i.R. Wolfgang Naundorf, Dr. Hans-Werner Schröder, M.Sc. Katja Schaldach and Dipl.-Wi.-Ing. Franz Fehse joined the conference to gain new insights in the different field of the material use of renewable raw materials and their different potential applications.