Invited Talk about "BioMatUse" @ 9th International Bioeconomy Conference

Cover slide of presentation given by Dr. Volker Herdegen
The “BioMatUse” team at ITUN was invited to give a talk in the session “Research Highlights funded by BMBF” at the 9 th International Bioeconomy Conference (Halle), which was held online on June 9/10th. Elected by the BMBF as success story, the main project results ...

... were shown of the aimed material use of rice straw/ husks and bagasse. These agricultural residue were converted by thermo-mechanical processing into erosion control blankets, soil improvers, and adsorbent materials. The talk was entitled with “Bagasse and rice straw - sources for a multi-purpose material use”.

Background: The international project “BioMatUse” was funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the Vietnamese Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) in the framework of “Bioeconomy international” from 2015 to 2019. Several partners from academia and industry from both countries were involved.

More information on “BioMatUse”: (10.12.2020) (12.11.2020) (11.11.2020) (20.06.2019) (05.03.2019) (24.07.2018, Zoom Episode 19, "BioMatUse: Biobasierte Produkte aus Agrarreststoffen“) (30.11.2018, Zoom+ Episode 6, „Bioökonomie International: Neue Wege zur globalen Nachhaltigkeit“, from 6:11 min on) (31.05.2018)

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K. Schaldach, V. Herdegen
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