Our research group is focused on data analysis, modelling and simulation of mechanical and transport properties of materials. We employ mesoscale and multiscale approaches to investigate various aspects of "microstructures" and their resulting properties of materials and are getting excited about emergent behaviour.
Our main tools are numerical simulations, many of which are self-coded (we love Python, but are also happy to use C++ or MATLAB if there is a good reason - and if there is a really good reason we even would use FORTRAN). Although simulations can produce beautiful pictures we do believe that an important aspect of our models is that they can (and should) be parametrized and benchmarked by experimental data.

Materials and systems of interest range from porous foams through metallic micro devices, superalloys and nano composites to snow and polycrystalline ice; similarly large are the differences in length and time scales under consideration: they vary from picoseconds and nanometres up to the order of days and centimetres.