Micromechanical Materials Modelling

The Chair for "Micromechanical Materials Modelling" is thematically located in between the fields of materials science, mechanics of materials and data science. This shows in our research activities as well as in our teaching activities within the international M Sc program Computational Materials Science.

Our research mission is to develop and apply a range of different modelling and simulation approaches for predicting the structure-property relationship of specimen and devices. On the lower end of the length scale these are atomistic simulation methods, on the upper end of the length scale these are continuum approaches. Additionally, experimental testing and microscopy data plays a crucial role for validation and parameterization of our models.

Data analysis and visualization represents our second research pillar besides modeling and simulation. Besides "classical" statistical methods we use machine learning approaches for extracting more information and knowledge from experiments and simulations.



13th June 2019 I New MiMM Team Member

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Neue Leitung des Fachausschusses "Materials Modelling, Simulation and Data"

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National Research Data Initiative

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