Gas-Fluid-Flow in a Stopper-Rod Controlled SEN

Bearbeiter:Dipl.-Ing. Jens Klostermann


Argon injection is widely used to reduce nozzle clogging during continuous casting, but its effects on the flow in the submerged entry nozzle are not yet fully understood. Therefore, the gas liquid flow in a stopper rod controlled submerged entry nozzle is investigated experimentally and numerically (CFD). First single-phase liquid flow are studied. Numerical results are compared with experimental data, which show good agreement at low stopper rod lifts. Then the numerical model is extended to gas-liquid flows. The Euler-Euler approach is employed in order to describe the two-phase flow in the submerged entry nozzle. Again, numerically obtained flow rates are in satisfactory agreement with experimental findings. However, some flow phenomena which are observed in the experiment are not resolved by the two-phase flow model.

Air distribution for different bubble sizes at a water flow rate of 16.38 l/min

(a) Qair=0.98 l/min, dbub=0.25 mm (b) Qair=0.98 l/min, dbub=1 mm







Photo of the ports (opened to left and right side) showing bubble distribution

(a) dragforce dominated distribution for small bubbles(b) buoyancy dominated distribution for large bubbles