Yury Voloshchuk M.Sc.

Yury Voloshchuk M.Sc.

VIRTUHCON Process Virtualization

Zimmer DBI 306

Telefon 03731 39 4518
Yury [dot] Voloshchukatextern [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de

Wissenschaftlicher Werdegang
2008 - 2013
Studies of Petroleum Engineering at Ukhta State Technical University, Russia
2012 - 2013
Engineer at R&D Institute of oil and gas, department of Well Drilling, Completions and Monitoring, Ukhta, Russia
Seit 2013
Research associate at TU Bergakademie Freiberg, IEC
Voloshchuk, Y., Vascellari, M., Hasse, C., Meyer, B., Richter, A., 2017. Numerical study of natural gas reforming by non-catalytic partial oxidation based on the Virtuhcon Benchmark. Chemical Engineering Journal 327 (2017), pp. 307-319.
Förster, T., Voloshchuk, Y., Richter, A., Meyer, B. 2017. 3D numerical study of the Performance of different burner concepts for the high-pressure non-catalytic natural gas reforming based on the Freiberg semi-industrial test facility HP POX. Fuel 203 (2017), pp. 954-963.
Voloshchuk, Y., Richter, A., Meyer, B. 2015. Numerical modelling of the large-scale Virtuhcon Benchmark for non-catalytic natural gas reforming. 7th International Freiberg/Inner Mongolia Conference on IGCC & XtL Technologies, Huhhot, China, 07.–11.06.2015. ISSN: 2363-8702.
Buslaev, G., Voloshchuk, Y., Baitalow, F., Pardemann, R., Meyer, B. 2015. Utilization of associated petroleum gas at oil production facilities located in remote area for the generation of heat, electricity and synthetic fuel. SPE Russian Petroleum Technology Conference, 2015, Moscow, Russia.