Daniele Obiso M.Sc.

Daniele Obiso M.Sc.

Nachwuchsforschergruppe Mehrphasenmodelle (Virtuhcon)

Zimmer DBI 311

Telefon 03731 39 2693
Daniele [dot] Obisoatiec [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de

Wissenschaftlicher Werdegang
2006 - 2010B.Sc. in Energy Engineering at University of Palermo (Palermo, Italy) discussing a thesis on:
"Feasibility study of a pilot plant for research on cold storage".
2010 - 2012M.Sc. in Energy and Nuclear Engineering at University of Palermo (Palermo, Italy), discussing a thesis on:
"Numerical simulation of mixing and combustion in a gas turbine burner", carried out at the ENEA Research Centre (Rome, Italy).
2012Visiting student at ENEA Research Centre (Rome, Italy), Combustion and Biofuel Unit.
2013 - 2015CFD Engineer at Phitec Ingegneria srl (Turin, Italy)
Computational Fluid Dynamic analyses to support design in industrial applications, with focus on automotive aerodynamics.
Seit 2016Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter am ZIK VIRTUHCON, TU Bergakademie Freiberg, IEC
  • Forschungsgruppe: Multiphase Models
  • Arbeitsgebiet: CFD modeling of smelting processes in the metallurgical industry, with focus on Top-Submerged-Lance injection systems

Obiso, D., Kriebitzsch, S. 2018. On the effect of liquid viscosity, density and surface tension on the hydrodynamics of Top Submerged Lance injection systems. ProcessNet – MPH, Bremen, Deutschland, 6.-7.03.2018

Obiso, D., Kriebitzsch, S. 2017. Hydrodynamic characterization of Top-Submerged-Lance gas injection in cold systems. 15th Multiphase Flow Conference HZDR, Dresden, Deutschland, 15.-17.11.2017

Obiso, D., Kriebitzsch, S. 2017. Numerical study of Top-Submerged-Lance gas injection in air-water Systems. EMC17, European Metallurgical Conference, Leipzig, Deutschland, 25.-28.06.2017

Vicenza, F., Obiso, D., Petropoulou, S. 2015. Multiobjective duct optimization with open source CFD solver. Beta CAE International Conference, Thessaloniki, Griechenland, 10.-12.06.2015