Maintenance Engineering

Information about the course:


  • Dr.-Ing. Thomas Zinke

Type of Teaching (SWS):

  • Lecture (2 SWS)



  • 1 Semester (SS)


The students shall be enabled to understand maintenance as a complex
of technical, technological, organizational and economic tasks and to
plan the maintenance process within the framework of the production
process control, to prepare it technologically and to implement it
rationally, takinq into account legal requirements.


  • Content/ Purpose/ Tasks/ Organization of maintenance
  • Damage processes, technical diagnostics, renewal processes
  • Maintenance methods
  • Planning of maintenance measures
  • Maintenance organization
  • Technology of maintenance
  • Reliability of technical systems
  • Maintenance-friendly design and configuration
  • Analysis of weak points of machines and plants


  • Manzini, R., Regattieri A., Pham, H., Ferrari, E.: Maintenance of Industrial
    Systems, Springer, 2010
  • DIN EN 13306:2010-12: Maintenance - Maintenance Terminology, Beuth,