Nils Reinhardt








Nils Reinhardt, MSc

Research associate/ PhD candidate in Economic Geology (ESF Young Researcher Group)

Institute of Mineralogy, Department of Economic Geology and Petrology

Room 1.63

Brennhausgasse 14

09599 Freiberg



Mail:        nils [dot] reinhardtatmineral [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de

Phone:    +49 (0) 3731 39 3398





PhD candidate, Institute of Mineralogy, TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany

PhD project: Mineral Systems Analysis of hydrothermal ore deposits in the Erzgebirge metallogenic province with focus on skarn deposits

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Jens Gutzmer, Dr. Mathias Burisch


MSc Applied Geosciences (EMR), RWTH Aachen University, Germany/ Universitat de Barcelona, Spain

Master thesis: Mineralogy and geochemistry of rare earth elements in bauxite ores of the Llacuna-Mediona area, Catalonia, NE-Spain


BSc Applied Geosciences (EMR), RWTH Aachen University, Germany


Research Interests

  • Mineralogy and petrography of skarn deposits
  • Metallogeny of skarn deposits
  • Geochemistry of fluid inclusions, ore minerals
  • Geochronology
  • Mineralogy and geochemistry of karst bauxite deposits




Peer-reviewed articles

Reinhardt N, Frenzel M, Meinert LD, Gutzmer J, Kürschner T, Burisch M. Mineralogy and Fluid Characteristics of the Waschleithe Zn skarn – a distal part of the Schwarzenberg mineral system, Erzgebirge, Germany. Ore Geology Reviews, 2021, DOI:10.1016/j.oregeorev.2021.104007.

Reinhardt N, Burisch M, Frenzel M, Gutzmer J, Meinert LD, Gerdes A. The Waschleithe W-skarn – a distal relative of skarns in the Schwarzenberg district, western Erzgebirge, Germany? Proceedings of the 15th SGA Biennial Meeting, 27-30 August 2019, Glasgow, Scotland, pages 400-403.

Reinhardt N, Proenza JA, Villanova-de-Benavent C, Aiglsperger T, Bover-Arnal T, Torró L, Salas R, Dziggel A. Geochemistry and Mineralogy of Rare Earth Elements (REE) in Bauxitic Ores of the Catalan Coastal Range, NE Spain. Minerals. 2018, 8(12):562, DOI:10.3390/min8120562.