GST - Geosciences in Space and Time


Pursuing our contribution to the EU project Promine to develop a comprehensive model for geo-data towards a geoscience information system of spatio-temporal geo-data our communication states the progress since last year's gOcad meeting (Nancy 2010) with special emphasis on a network based infrastructure to handle spatio-temporal geological properties assigned to simplicial objects.

For the time being, the project includes a first extension of the database system PostgreSQL for three dimensional geodata which we refer to as GST. Analogously to the well known open source extension for two dimensional geometries PostGIS , our extension employs the Simple Feature Standard defined by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) for communication. In order to reduce the amount of data required to be transferred to clients, extensions have been included to SFS+. Our approach is not restricted to extensions of PostgreSQL and will soon be applied to other database systems. The preference for PostgreSQL is owed to the request to deliver a first prototypical implementation of our data store. Future developments of the model will comprise explicit considerations of topology and time.

To meet the requirements of interoperability, this system shall include a webservice to provide geo-data in a service oriented architecture (SOA). The implementation of a web feature service (WFS) creates an interface to share geo-data with any other systems via GML and GeoSciML , and more recent markup languages inclined to geosciences.

A client-software is implemented both as gOcad-plugin as well as standalone application. Thus it is possible to access our GST, installed on a network server, from various clients simultaneously. Complementary implementing a WFS interface on client side will enable gOcad to retrieve data from any other web feature service. In general, Postgres Server (and others) and WFS will be implemented in such a way that they can be accessed via the internet.


GST is beeing developed as part of the EU project ProMine at TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany by

  • Paul Gabriel (paul [dot] gabrielatgiga-infosystems [dot] com)
  • Jan Gietzel (jan [dot] gietzelatgiga-infosystems [dot] com)
  • Le Hai Ha (lehaiatmailserver [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de)
  • Helmut Schaeben (Helmut [dot] Schaebenatgeo [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de)
  • and others.

If you want to join the GST users group and/or order the GST system for your institution, please contact the GiGa infosystems, the offical support agency of GST!


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