Geomathematics and Geoinformatics Group (old website)

The subject of geoinformatics is to process systematically spatial data and information concerning the planet Earth. In our group, we develop and apply mathematical, informatical and computational methods in geology and geophysics.

Our research projects address problems like:

  • Development of theoretical concepts and methods to store, manage and retrieve geoscience data and models.
  • Integration of geological and geophysical data in 3D digital geomodels using Paradigm Gocad/Skua.
  • Design of spatial-temporal databases and information systems.
  • Mathematical and statistical methods for spherical data, i.e. directions and axes. MTEX, the open toolbox for texture and fabric analysis, has been initiated here.
  • Numerical modelling of geological processes with Finite Element or Discrete Element Methods.

Please, contact us for questions or cooperation.