Life and Work at the chair of Rock mechanics

June 2022   Extension of biaxial machine to true triaxial machine
May 2022   PhD defense Jian Zhao
May 2022   50. Geomechanics Colloquium
May 2022   Farewell ceremony A. Griebsch und T. Frühwirt
December 2021   New universal testing machine
December 2021   Christmas party with foreign PhD students
November 2021   PhD defense Kemal Yildizdag
November 2021   City walk
January 2021   PhD defense Yanan Zhao
July 2020   PhD defense Yufeng Zhao
June 2020   PhD defense Guangzhe Zhang
June 2020   Delivery of the new climate test machine
March 2020   5th Internat. ITASCA Symposium Wien
March 2020   Defense Fei Wang
February 2020   Defense Zhenyang Song
December 2019   Christmas party with foreign PhD students
December 2019   Institute year-end
November 2019   Safe Deep Mining - Course Numerics
September 2019   Geotechnical Excursion Vietnam
August 2019   Prof. Konietzky as guest lecturer in China
March 2019   Excursion of the Institute
December 2018   Christmas party with foreign PhD students
November 2018   Prof. Konietzky at the Taita Taveta University, Kenya
November 2018   Defense Mohamed Ismael
November 2018   47. Geomechanics Colloquium
November 2018   Alumni meeting 50 Years Geotechnics
September 2018   Fire drill
September 2018   Dr. Frühwirt in China
September 2018   Prof. Konietzky as guest lecturer in China
September 2018   New laboratory building
March 2018   Prof. Konietzky as guest lecturer in China
February 2018   Birthday party Amador/Schütz
December 2017   Christmas party with foreign PhD students
September 2017   PhD defence Li Jun
August 2017   PhD defence Lifu Chang
July 2017   PhD defence Li Fan
June 2017   EUROCK 2017
June 2017   Night of Sciences
June 2017   12. Geotechnical Regulars Table
March 2017   Prof. Konietzky as guest lecturer in China
March 2017   Prof. Konietzky visits universities in Vietnam
February 2017   Delivery of the Biaxial Testing Machine D-2000/1500 MA
February 2017   PhD defense Wengang Dang
December 2016   Christmas party with foreign PhD students
December 2016   PhD defense Chr. Jakob
November 2016   45. Geomechanics Colloquium
September 2016   Prof. Konietzky in China
August 2016   Prof. Konietzky received ISRM Franklin Award
July 2016   Summer scool Kemal Yildizdag Turkey
June 2016   11. Geotechnical Regulars Table
April 2016   PhD defense Tuan Nguyen
December 2015   New hardeness testing device

December 2015   Christmas party with foreign PhD students
October 2015   Prof. Konietzky in China
October 2015   PhD defense Chen Wei
October 2015   EUROCK 2015 Salzburg
September 2015   Geotechnical Excursion Vietnam
September 2015   Visit Magog slate mine
July 2015   Summer scool China
July 2015   Visit of the cave Leipzig
June 2015   10. Geotechnical Regulars Table
June 2015   Night of Sciences 2015
May 2015   Repair and modernisation of the testing machine EU40
April 2015   25-year-old company jubilee G. Münzberger
March 2015   Prof. Konietzky in China
December 2014   Christmas party with foreign PhD students
December 2014   PhD Defense Chr. Lunow
November 2014   Delegation to St. Petersburg and Kirovsk
November 2014   43. Geomechanics Colloquium
October 2014   Dr. Frühwirt in Chile
October 2014   Institute excursion
October 2014   25-year-old company jubilee T. Weichmenn
July 2014   Excursion Salt mine Zielitz
June 2014   9. Geotechnical Regulars Table
April 2014   Excursion Freiberg
April 2014   Excursion Salt mine Zielitz

Flyer of the K+S KALI company
April 2014   Excursion Geomin
November 2013   Defense Tan Xin
October 2013   Workshop on Anisotropic Rocks, Potsdam
October 2013   Defense Van Manh Nguyen
October 2013   Restoration of a tomb in Dresden
September 2013   Defense Li Xiang
September 2013   Scientific exchange Chile
September 2013   Scientific exchange Lanzhou Unibersity, China
September 2013   Institute excursion 2013
September 2013   Prof. Konietzky China 2013
July 2013   Summer University 2013
June 2013   Chinese guests at the institute
June 2013   8. Geotechnical Regulars Table
see also Presentation and report
May 2013   PhD student trip
May 2013   Excursion Bernburg salt mine
December 2012   Christmas party with the institute
December 2012   Christmas party with foreign PhD students
November 2012   Finish project small monuments
see also kulturlandschaftsportal-sachsen-boehmen
November 2012   41. Geomechanics Colloquium
October 2012   Leopold-Müller-Award Dr. Frühwirt in Salzburg
October 2012   The Freiberg High Pressure Symposium
October 2012   New equipment for the permanent load testing device
for details see here
September 2012   Scientific exchange Lanzhou Unibersity, China
September 2012   Institute excursion
August 2012   Summer University 2012
August 2012   Lausitz Excursion
June 2012   7. Geotechnical Regulars Table
June 2012   Bicicle trip by the Mulde river valley
March 2012   Lectures at the University Chongqing and excursion Dabaschan (China)
February 2012   Cooperation Meeting Vietnam
December 2011   PhD Defence Michael Stahl
December 2011   Visit of chinese Scientists from Lanzhou
September 2011   Excursion at the 40th GMK
September 2011   40th Geomechanics Colloquium Leipzig
September 2011   Institute excursion
September 2011   PhD Defence Dan Dinh Quoc
July 2011   Summer University 2011
July 2011   PhD Defence Th. Frühwirt
June 2011   Visit of vietnamese scientists
June 2011   Mining historical trip
June 2011   6. Geotechnical Regulars Table
March 2011   China visit March 2011
January 2011   Association evening
December 2010   Christmass party
December 2010   Delivery of new permanent load devices
November 2010   Visit delegation Henan Polytechnic University
October 2010   39. Geomechanics Colloquium
October 2010   ITASCA day at the Institute
September 2010   Excursion Seismological Observatory Berggießhübel
September 2010   New 3D surface and body scanner
July 2010   Prof. Konietzky in China
June 2010   Summer party
June 2010   5. Geotechnical Regulars Table
April 2010   Dedication Big Shear Box Device
February 2010   Winter barbecue
March 2010   Georgius-Agricola-Award
December 2009   Christmas party with foreign PhD students
November 2009   38. Geomechanics Colloquium
October 2009   Invited lectures China autumn 2009
October 2009   Begin Project "Kleindenkmale"
report (pdf)
October 2009   PhD-Defence Ralf Michael Günther
September 2009   Excursion Geißeltal
September 2009   28.09-02.10.09 Excursion "Spezialtiefbau Geotechnik"
August 2009   Expert meeting copper mining KAZAKHMYS (Kasachstan)
August 2009   Invited lectures Summer China
July 2009   Habilitation Dr. Kamlot
June 2009   Open day
June 2009   4. Geotechnical Regulars Table
Mai 2009   Forum of youth engineering geologists
April 2009   Inspection of a Slurry Wall
March 2009   Delivery Shear Box Device GS-1000
January 2009   Lecture at the Secondary School Cottbus
December 2008   PhD-Defence Cong Le Van
November 2008   37. Geomechanics Colloquium
November 2008   ITASCA day at the Institute
October 2008   Fracture Toughness Testing Device B200
September 2008   New band saw
August 2008   1st International Conference "Advances in Mining and Tunneling" in Hanoi/Vietnam
July 2008   1st International FLAC/DEM Symposium, Minneapolis/USA
July 2008   Weekend Trip
July 2008   Excursion of the Institute 2008
July 2008   Summer University 2008 at the Institute
June 2008   New Point Load Index Device
June 2008   Sampling at the Limestone Mountain "Mähringer Berg"
June 2008   3. Geotechnical Regulars Table
May 2008   Honour Colloquium Prof. Förster
report (pdf)
May 2008   Protodjakonow Conference in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
May 2008   Weekend Trip of the Institute
April 2008   Delivery Heater for the Triaxial Cell
April 2008   Day of Science at the Kali + Salz Company
February 2008   Weekend Trip
December 2007   Cooperation Vietnam
December 2007   Christmas Party
November 2007   European Geogrid Expert Panel
November 2007   Begin Project "Heterogeneous Systems"
November 2007   Excursion Morsleben
September 2007   Begin Project "Lignite slope"
October 2007   Excursion Tunneling and Geotechnics
report of the excursion
September 2007   Bad Segeberg Cave System
September 2007   Begin Project "Wehlturm"
July 2007   Summeruniversity at the Chair
July 2007   Excursion Leipzig Citytunnel
July 2007   Excursion Lausitz lignite mining
June 2007   Party Prof. Konietzky
June 2007   High pressure center: project start
May 2007   2. Geotechnics Regulars Table
March 2007   Begin Project "Klusfelsen"
December 2006   Delivery of the Testing Machine ALPHA 2-5000
December 2006   Christmas Party 2006
December 2006   Begin Project Kali+Salz
November 2006   Geomechanics Colloquium 2006
September 2006   Geotechnics excursion
May 2006   Promotion Dr. Trinh Quoc Nghia at NTNU Trondheim
May 2006   1. Geotechnics Regulars Table
March 2006   Prof. Konietzky in China
February 2006   Promotion Dr. Hausdorf
December 2005   Inaugural Lecture Prof. Konietzky
July 2005   Excursion Schottenbergtunnel