Downloadable supplement files from publications:

RATSCHBACHER, L., CH. DINGELDEY, CH. MILLER, B. R. HACKER, M. MCWILLIAMS, Formation, subduction, and exhumation of Penninic oceanic crust in the Eastern Alps: time constraints from 40Ar/39Ar geochronology. Tectonophysics, 394, 155-170, 2004. Electronic supplement

Ratschbacher, L., L. Franz, E. Enkelmann, R. Jonckheere, A. Pörschke, B. R. Hacker, S. Dong, Y. Zhang, The Sino-Korean–Yangtze suture, the Huwan detachment, and the Paleozoic–Tertiary exhumation of (ultra)high-pressure rocks along the Tongbai–Xinxian–Dabie, Geological Society of America, Special Publication, 2005. Tables 6-11; Table 12.